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Chios is an island in the eastern Aegean, so near Asia Minor's coast! It is the fifth largest island in Greece with a coastline of 213 km, the tenth-largest in the Mediterranean and the population living in both the city and the port of Chios, and 64 villages. Still, Chios has great expatriate community in London and New York. The main products exported are gum, oil, figs and wine and has an international reputation for the quality and size of the shipping. The population reaches 53,817 inhabitants. Its capital is the city of Chios, also called Chora.

It would be difficult to describe in words this place. How can one convey images, feelings, images, smells and everything that has to do with the human senses? Our ambition is certainly not to do so through this site. Our desire is you create the motivation to visit and discover one of the most beautiful islands of the Greek Aegean.

A place where each of you can build your personal paradise, through history, tradition, energy, people, tastes, diversity of scenery, diversity of architecture and beaches.

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Vouno Village

Vouno Village, Chios

Vouno (in greek means Mountain) is located in the southeast part of Chios, 21km from the town center. It is a small village close to Nenita, with few inhabitants, mainly farmers. They cultivate mastic trees, almond trees, olive trees and vineyards. The village maintains its medieval architecture. The houses are tall stone made buildings that are linked to each other with roofs called "votes". The"votes" were useful to the defense of the inhabitants against the pirates’ attacks during the middle ages.

Vouno fascinates the visitor with its architecture; it is a result of the forced cohabitation of the people, imposed by the menace of pirates and the desire of Genoese to control effectively the mastic production. The village, like almost all "Mastihohria", is built far away from the sea. Its fortification is based on the integral exterior wall houses, which are all around the village. The communication of the people with the external world was achieved by two gates, which were open the whole day and closed at night. Nowadays, only the walls that used to support them, have been preserved. The narrow streets of the village and its labyrinth layout gave an advantage to the inhabitants over a possible invasion. Vouno is almost entirely built on a rock and that is the reason for which the village had little damages in the big earthquake of 1881.

In the surrounding area there are wonderful beaches, ideal for swimming; sandy beaches, like Komi, beaches with black round stones revealing its volcanic origin, like Emporios, pebbly beaches with crystal clear waters, like Gridia, Ag. Giannis, Lilikas and the picturesque small port of Vokaria.

Lilikas Village

Lilikas Village, Chios

The area of Lilikas is a place where you can relax, take a walk and enjoy the sun! From the past times -before the growth of tourism- till now, the people of Chios come to Lilikas with their family to swim, to fish and to spend all day long with their friends. It is a long pebbly beach with crystal clear waters, where you can find spots to dive, to fish as well as to experience the underwater fishing.

Close to Lilikas beach, a kilometer away, there is the organized, sandy and cosmopolitan beach of "Komi", full of taverns and bars. No further than 5 kilometers southernmost, there is the famous beach of "Mavra Volia" with its crystal waters. More northern you will also find the beaches of Vokaria, Ag. Giannis and Gridia. In all neighboring ports you will come across taverns with traditional Chian dishes and fresh fish.

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