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aegean-properties-legal-advisor-services LAWYER - LEGAL ADVISOR SERVICES

The presence of a lawyer is considered determinative for the purchase of real estate in Greece. The lawyer can make the following necessary acts for the client, such as issuing the Tax Registration Number, which is a condition for the purchase of real estate as it is the tax identification of the buyer.

Likewise the lawyer will make a control of the deeds; this concerns not only the seller, but also the previous owners of the real estate. In collaboration with the notary the lawyer composes the official purchase / sale contract and is present with the client during its signature.

Afterwards, the lawyer deposits the copy of the purchase contract in the Land Registry/Cadastral Office for its registration.

The appointment of the lawyer is made by a document called Power of Attorney, and with this document the lawyer can represent the client.

aegean-properties-legal-advisor-services CIVIL ENGINEER

A civil engineer has to perform a technical control of the property and issue a certificate that the construction is realized according to the official plans of the building permission.

In case the property is a plot, the civil engineer issues a certificate that there are no buildings constructed in the plot yet. This technical control is very important for the security of the buyer and the relevant certificates are attached to the purchase contract.

aegean-properties-legal-advisor-services Insurance-house & contents

We can recommend you some of the best Insurance companies in Greece. Our staff has a good knowledge about house insurances, and according to your requests we can advise you on the best insurance for your property. You can choose from

aegean-properties-legal-advisor-services house maintenance

We can help you take care of your house during your absence, or even prepare it prior to your visit. Our services can vary from a basic maintenance service (cleanings), till other works like a small renovation etc... Contact us for a quote, based on your requests and ideas.

aegean-properties-legal-advisor-services house furniture-decor

If the house is not already furniture, we can offer our services by helping you choose the furniture, electrical appliances and everything else that will make your house look like a home. We collaborate with the best shops in town, and it will be a

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